I.B.S ( Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

Resolved quickly and easily using hypnosis, hypnotherapy and Changing Limited Beliefs.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is thought to affect as many as one in five of the population at any one time. Its symptoms can vary from person to person, but typically one or more of the following symptoms may be experienced:

  • Constipation
  • Diarrhoea
  • Bloating (that may subside overnight, only to return the next day, and may occur after eating a meal)
  • Flatulence
  • Abdominal pain or cramps
    • may, or may not, be reduced by passing a stool
    • may be specific to the lower right side or tucked up under the right ribs
    • tucked up under left ribs, or if the pain is particularly bad it may move into the left armpit
    • in women, left sided abdominal pain during sex
    • or more generalised pain or cramping
  • Painful swallowing
  • Noisy gurgling stomach (may be loud enough to cause social embarrassment)
  • Variable, erratic and unpredictable bowel habits
  • Severe short stabbing pains in the rectum
  • Passing urine more often
  • Fatigue
  • Loss of appetite
  • Nausea
  • Depressive symptoms
  • Anxiety and stress-related symptoms, which may interact with the gut symptoms

IBS is a condition that is often hidden by the person experiencing its symptoms. The media is certainly trying to move us towards a point where we are more comfortable talking about bloating, stomach cramps, constipation or diarrhoea, however, if you suffer from the condition, you will know how difficult it can be to talk about what can be very embarrassing symptoms. For example, how do you tell the person interviewing you that you are suffering with severe flatulence? How do you explain to the coach driver that you need to stop for the toilet (again, having only been 5 minutes previously)? How do you leave in the middle of the funeral to find a toilet? Or how do you tell your new partner that you dare not go on a trip in case you have a bout of IBS?

If you are someone who suffers with IBS, you will also know only too well that the symptoms can seriously affect and limit your ability to enjoy life to the full. It is the severity and frequency of symptoms that can be most troublesome and intrusive for sufferers and it is a condition that can be notoriously difficult to treat successfully. Despite this, there are many cures and treatments recommended by the 'experts' and these include a large number of medications and herbal treatments (e.g. for diarrhoea, constipation, cramps and flatulence or bloating); dietary changes and restrictions; exercises - different types of exercise seem to be in vogue at different times (e.g. yoga is currently experiencing an elevated status as the exercise 'cure'); and lifestyle changes or restrictions.

However, the disappointing reality for IBS sufferers is that of the many treatments listed above, which are variable and often disappointing in their treatment outcomes, all aim to treat the symptoms, rather than removing or resolving the root cause of the IBS or changing your way of thinking about the issue so that YOU resolve the symptoms by managing your thinking differently. You now have a choice of resolving the root cause of the symptoms or just getting your life back on track so that the future actually is bright!!

In some situations a three session specific IBS programme of SUGGESTION THERAPY will enable you to reduce your symptoms enabling you to feel more in control. Symptoms can greatly reduce, and it can provide you with a greater sense of self; it will boost self-confidence and self-esteem; it will help you build on your self-belief and you will have a strong visual image of yourself being calm and self-assured going forward. An added bonus is that hypnosis is wonderfully relaxing and reduces stress levels and I am sure anyone who has IBS will have researched and seen that symptoms reduce when you are able to be calm and relaxed.. I have substantial experience of helping people to reduce IBS using all different types of therapy. The Initial Consultation session would enable us to see which type of therapy is best suited to your needs.

How Changing Limited Beliefs Can Help

IBS and its symptoms can usually be resolved using the Changing Limited Beliefs programme in between 4-6 sessions on average. Changing Limited Beliefs does not use any form of hypnosis or hypnotherapy it is effective by getting you to retrain your brain to think differently about your IBS and its symptoms and then to get rid of it. In the Changing limited Beliefs sessions we will look at your belief systems ( most sufferers often have Low Self Esteem and Social Phobia), we look at your Personality Type and how that influences your issue, we discuss the different types of Anxiety you suffer ( most sufferers worry about things even before they have happened), we look at the way your mind and your imagination play havoc with your IBS, we discuss how much responsibility you actually take in your life ( how you choose to let things affect you either positively or negatively), and then I teach you how to change that around so that you manage your thinking and your IBS differently. The results can be amazing and in such a short time.

The next Step?

Quite often you have had IBS for so long that its been normalised - "I had it for years its just me and the way I am". But you were not born with the problem it was "acquired" later your life, maybe even as a child. Just because you may have suffered with IBS for years does not mean you have to continue suffering with it. Please give me a call or send me an email as I CAN HELP YOU to resolve it so that you can live the life that you deserve to live.

N.B. Before engaging in any course of treatment, it is advisable to seek medical advice to ensure all other possible causes of your symptoms have been ruled out.

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