Resolve your emetophobia completely - using Hypnotherapy or Changing Limited Beliefs.

Emetophobia - the Fear of Being Sick ( not actually ever being sick) is known by many names (emetephobia, phagophobia, vomitophobia, vomit phobia, sickness phobia, fear of vomiting, fear of gagging, fear of swallowing, fear of choking, globus hystericus), but whatever you call it this condition can affect sufferers deeply. Sufferers of emetophobia feel very powerless in relation to their phobia, they feel unable to control their fear. For many years the only way to treat Emetophobia was using Hypno-Analysis or Analytical Therapy but now I have another therapy that works to treat and resolve the symptoms of Emetophobia - its called Changing Limited Beliefs (Thrive)! The results of using both therapies are impressive and Changing Limited Beliefs has proved a very useful alternative as not everyone can get through Hypno-Analysis but everyone can benefit from Changing Limited Beliefs.

There are also a number of other fears that can be associated with a fear of being sick:

  • Gagging
  • Seeing others being sick
  • Choking on food
  • Pregnancy (due to the possibility of morning sickness)
  • Drowning
  • Social phobia (for more info on social phobia, click here)

This is a condition that appears to affect more women than men and if you are someone who suffers with emetephobia, you will know only too well that the symptoms can seriously affect and limit your ability to enjoy life to the full as this condition can have a very disabling effect on the sufferer. Many sufferers will avoid all places where there is a possibility of themselves, or others, being sick: for example pubs, restaurants, clubbing, eating in front of others.

Due to the link between eating and potentially being sick, many sufferers are a little obsessive about what, where and with who they will eat. Many view being sick as 'horrible', 'dirty', 'yucky' etc, and so it is quite common for emetophobics to also have fears of other situations where they might feel the same way: going to the toilet, urinating in front of others (e.g. at a public urinal - shy bladder), or even just being a little bit sweaty. Most sufferers are obsessive personalities, and catastrophise, and they are very hypervigilant about how they are feeling.

Lets look at the two different types of therapy I can offer you:

How Changing Limited Beliefs Can Help

Emetophobia can usually be resolved using the Changing Limited Beliefs programme in between 4-6 sessions on average. Changing Limited Beliefs does not use any form of hypnosis or hypnotherapy it is effective by getting you to retrain your brain to think differently about your phobia and its symptoms and to get rid of it. In the Changing Limited Beliefs sessions we will look at your belief systems ( most sufferers have Low Self Esteem and Social Phobia), we look at your Personality Type and how that influences your phobia, we discuss the different types of Anxiety you suffer ( most sufferers worry about things even before they have happened), we look at the way your mind and your imagination play havoc with your Phobia, we discuss how much responsibility you actually take in your life ( how you choose to let things affect you either positively or negatively), and then I teach you how to change that around so that you manage your thinking and your phobia differently. The results can be amazing and in such a short time.

By taking so many Emetophobia suffers through the various types of therapy I have a good understanding of how debilitating this phobia is for the sufferer. I know "its" often with you 24/7, I know how it affects your life by having you having to worry about what you eat, what you drink, whether you can undertake travel on buses and trains, whether you have to find a seat near an exit in a restaurant "just in case". As someone who knows how you feel and how this affects you I can help you over the symptoms much easier and quicker that you may think possible. You don't have to suffer this for the rest of your life - I CAN HELP YOU get rid of it!

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