Driving test nerves and how to beat them

Resolving Driving Test Nerves using Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy and Thrive

Driving Test Nerves resolved with HypnotherapyOver one million people take the UK driving test each year. Driving instructors will tell you that many people fail their driving test not because of a lack of driving ability, but because of driving test anxiety or nervousness which builds up before the test even starts. Passing the driving test is often as much about being calm, relaxed and focused as it is about driving skills. Whilst you must take sufficient driving lessons and get enough driving practice to learn to drive proficiently, hypnotherapy and THRIVE can help you prepare mentally to stay focused and relaxed ahead of the driving test itself. Deep relaxation techniques used in hypnosis help you to focus inwards and start to restore your feeling of confidence and self-belief, providing real help with passing the practical driving test.

In hypnotherapy you can use visualisation techniques, using the power of your imagination to rehearse or practice the test in your mind. By doing so you will have already experienced the feeling of passing the test, and your mind has been pre-programmed for success. With your feelings of confidence and control restored, the driving test can be tackled with new levels of calmness and assurance. Your aim is to pass your driving test and to stay calm and relaxed during the test. It is common for people who could pass the test quite easily to trip up due to those test nerves. Even the most confident person gets nervous - don't panic though, having nerves but being in control of them often adds that extra spark to your driving!

These are among the most common symptoms people encounter when faced with their driving test:

  • Increased Breathing
  • Sweating Palms
  • Trembling
  • Feeling Sick
  • Dry Mouth
  • Feelings of Panic

So how can I help you resolve these problems?

Whether you are driving with BDS, Cople or any other Driving School if you need assistance to calm those nerves, and stop those panic attacks then I can help you. I can even help to calm down Dad or Mum if they are teaching you to drive.

How Changing Limited Beliefs Can Help

Driving Test and Practice issues can usually be resolved using the Changing Limited Beliefs programme in between 1-2 sessions on average possibly in conjunction with Suggestion Therapy. Changing Limited Beliefs does not use any form of hypnosis or hypnotherapy it is effective by getting you to retrain your brain to think differently about your problem and its symptoms and to get rid of it.

In the Changing Limited Beliefs sessions we will look at your belief systems, we look at your Personality Type and how that influences your driving issues, we discuss the different types of Anxiety you suffer ( most sufferers worry about things even before they have happened), we look at the way your mind and your imagination play havoc with your driving skills, we discuss how much responsibility you actually take in your life ( how you choose to let things affect you either positively or negatively), and then I teach you how to change that around so that you manage your thinking and your driving differently. The results can be amazing and in such a short time.

The next Step?

Quite often you have had a fear about driving or something to do with driving for so long that its been normalised - "I have always been like that in a car, its just me and the way I am". Just because you may have always suffered with these symptoms in a car or under pressure does not mean you have to continue suffering with them. Please give me a call or send me an email as I CAN HELP YOU to resolve things so that you can pass that test.

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