Treating Children's Problems and Issues

Resolved with Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy and Changing Limited Beliefs (Thrive) in Bedford and Milton Keynes

I treat all my Clients, whether they are adults or children at this small, caring, confidential and friendly practice in Bromham Bedford and in my Milton Keynes practice. I hold full CRB Certification, both Standard Disclosure and Enhanced Disclosure, which you are welcome to view when your child comes to me for any Therapy. Children's problems can be some of the most distressing, not just for the child but also for the parents. In many cases children love hypnotherapy and are fantastic subjects for its use. This is probably because they have such vivid imagination and the method we employ - especially for children - is called a Blowaway technique. Depending upon the age of your child it is also often possible to do some THRIVE work with your child especially if they have self esteem or social phobia issues.

These techniques tap into their incredible and vivid imagination and most children find it an enjoyable form of therapy. In my experience the most common issues for children to deal with are bed-wetting and fear of being bullied though self esteem issues and weight issues are now catching up fast. Children are good hypnotic subjects and typically more easily hypnotisable than an adult. Children generally have very active fantasy lives, which will enable easy access to the imagination, making change work possible.

The symptoms associated with Childrens problems are wide and varied. Some of the most common are as follows:

  • Bedwetting - also known as Enuresis
  • Phobias
  • Pulling of Hair
  • Stuttering or Stammering
  • Anger which shows itself in many forms
  • Weight Issues
  • Self Esteem Issues
  • Coping with Grief
  • Coping with Divorce of parents
  • Soiling
  • Nail biting or thumb sucking.

How does the "Blowaway" Technique Work? What is involved?

The idea of the Blowaway is to allow the child to get rid of anything that may be worrying them or that they have not dealt with in their short life. This could be emotions such as loneliness, shame, guilt, embarrassment etc. Before the child comes to see me I will ask for as much information about the child to enable me to personalise a hypnosis session for that child. This is sometimes provided by the parent and sometimes by the child. I would add at this point that it is imperitive that the child knows and agrees that they want to come along and see me to resolve their issues. I may seem an odd thing to state BUT I have had an occurrence when a parent and Child arrived at my door and the child had no idea why they were there. It is necessary for a Parent or Guardian to accompany any child under the age of 16 years. Children from the age of Seven are treated as long as they have an average attention span.

When the actual hypnosis part of the session begins it is usual for both the parent and the child to participate and two sets of headphones are available - this session is also a very nice and relaxing session for Mum or Dad ;-) Everything that I ask the child to think about and do so also must the parent do - even I participate. I will go through the session and ask the child to imagine certain things, certain emotions, and then we will seek to "blow them away". This can sometimes be a bit emotional but never unpleasant. It is very important that at the end of the session no-one asks the child what they were thinking about - these thought are very personal to the child and this therapy is in-effective if the parent questions the child at ANY point after the session. It is not to be mentioned at all.

The results of the Blowaway session can often be impressive, but remember each child is different and experiences things in different ways. If the results from the session are good please let me know. If results from the session get worse that can also be a good sign so again please inform me and we can then work on that.

Depending upon the age of the child is is often useful to carry out a session or two of Changing Limited Beliefs (Thrive).

How Changing Limited Beliefs (Thrive) Can Help

Childrens Issues can usually be helped and often resolved using the Changing Limited Beliefs (Thrive) programme in 2 or 3 sessions on average but depending upon the age of the child concerned. Changing Limited Beliefs ( Thrive) does not use any form of hypnosis or hypnotherapy it is effective by getting you to retrain your brain to think differently about your childs issue and its symptoms and then help to get rid of it.

In these sessions we will look at your childs belief systems ( most sufferers have Low Self Esteem and Social Phobia), we look at their Personality Type and how that influences their issues, we discuss the different types of Anxiety your child may suffer ( most sufferers worry about things even before they have happened), we look at the way the mind and the imagination can play havoc with our lives, we discuss how much responsibility they actually take in their life ( how you can choose to let things affect you either positively or negatively), and then I teach the child how to change that around so that they are able to manage their thinking and their issue differently. The results can often be amazing.

The next Step?

Quite often your child may have had a problem for so long that its been normalised - "They have always had it, its just the way they are". But they were not born with the issue it was "acquired" as they went through those early years. Just because they may have always suffered with these symptoms does not mean they have to continue suffering with them. Please give me a call or send me an email as I CAN HELP YOUR CHILD to resolve things so that they can live the life that they deserve to live - Happy.

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